Hot Mess

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Players Series #1

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"Ash and Danica are magic. Pure magic.”

Hot Mess teaser 5 - too much booze

Fate. Destiny. Karma… She’s mine.

It all started with a broken heart.
And a breakup party.
Rock stars. Circus freaks. And a bachelorette party.
Too. Much. Booze.
An embarrassing tattoo.
And a twist of fate.

Her name was Danny.

I thought she was The One.
But then I lost her.
And I never thought I’d see her again.
Now… I’m a mess.
I’ve had my heart broken—more than once.
And my band's broken up.
I’ve sworn to myself that I’ll never fall in love again.
Time to focus on new music and my new band.

As soon as I sober up from my latest breakup party…

But then there she is.
Standing in the rain, looking at me.
My dream girl.
My destiny…
I missed my chance with her once.
Maybe this time… I’ll get it right.


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"OMG!!!! SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! My rocker heart is in heaven... ★★★★★" — Jessica, Amazon review

"Hot AF Rock Star Romance!!Ash and Danica are magic. Pure magic. ★★★★★" — Missy, Bookgasms

"Wow!!!! That was even better than I expected. … I was hooked from the very beginning to the very end. ★★★★★" — Sandra, Two Book Pushers

"Ms. Diamond’s books never miss a beat and are outstanding in the rock romance genre. ★★★★★" — Doris, Amazon review

"It does not get better than this. I swear I highlighted half the book, because it was giving me all the feels! ★★★★★" — Kelly, Goodreads review

"THIS IS A MUST READ... OMG!!! this book is a panty dropper. ★★★★★" — Sonya, Goodreads review

"Like all the best things...worth the wait!Clear your calendar because once you open this book you won’t be able to close it until it’s finished...fair warning! ★★★★★" — javaaddict, Amazon review

"I stayed up to 4 am to read this book and that is something I rarely do unless the book is one I just can not put down. Jaine you have outdone yourself again. … Five huge stars for this book… ★★★★★" — Stacey, Goodreads review

"Jaine hits it waaayyy out of the park with her beautifully written story of that misunderstood hunk of hotness, Ashley Player, but would you expect anything less from her? ★★★★★" — BC Booklover, Amazon review

"It is ABSOLUTELY 5 outta 5 stars. … I knew that there was a lot of heart behind this man, but nothing prepared me for all of the emotions I would feel reading this story- thank you Jaine Diamond for giving Ash the story that fits him perfectly! ★★★★★" — Danielle, Amazon review

"I usually read a book in one day, but I wanted to savor every word, every moment every emotion that gripped my senses. I forced myself to slow down and absorb the words; I didn't want their story to end. … Jaine Diamond has fast become one of my favorite authors that I will not hesitate to 1-click buy her books. ★★★★★" — DVG, Amazon review

"I have to admit...I wasn't too sure about starting a new series because I am seriously addicted to each one of the Dirty series men and I just didn't think I had any room left in my heart for any new bad boys...but Jaine again made me see the light! ★★★★★" — Jonna, Amazon review

"If you want an example of what it means to me to finally have Hot Mess published...well, close your eyes, and conjure up Etta James' voice, 'at last my love has come along...' … I dare you not to love Ashley Player. ★★★★★" — JLPG, Amazon review

"There aren’t enough stars!! … Hot Mess has transformed (Ash) from a character I was vaguely interested in to my most favourite character. No kidding, I love this man. Hot Mess is now my favourite Jaine Diamond book and I need more of Ash and Danica in my life... I’m still thinking about them. ★★★★★" — K Callicott, Amazon review

"I have become a big fan of Jaine Diamond’s books. She has just the right mix of angst, sex and a true grit story. Her characters are so real. … I have probably said it after every one I read, but this might be my favorite. ★★★★★" — Becky, Goodreads review

"Best one yet! I have read all the other books in the Dirty series and every time I think there is no way the new one can top the others and every book Jaine manages it! ★★★★★" — B Sheahan, Amazon review