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Meet Zane Traynor, lead singer of Dirty. Rock god. Sex god. Total nightmare for women. And the only man who'd make Maggie a proposal so insane it just might work. // A night of chance. An irresistible gamble. What happens in Vegas… better stay in Vegas! // Click below to get your FREE ebook AND audiobook, only available here. (If you don’t receive the welcome email with the links to get your free ebook and audiobook within 24 hours, please email us: contact@jainediamond.com)
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Hot Mess

Players Series #1

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

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"Ash and Danica are magic. Pure magic.”
— Bookgasms

Fate. Destiny. Karma… She’s mine.

It all started with a broken heart.
And a...


Filthy Beautiful

Players Series #2

Coming December 3! Preorder now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Coming in January!



Dirty Like Me

Dirty Series #1

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"a spicy, sassy, sexy romance"
— Publishers Weekly

A gorgeous rock star.
An indecent proposal.
How can a girl...


Dirty Like Us

Dirty Series #0.5

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"Maggie and Zane have delicious push-pull"
— Smexy Books

What happens in Vegas… better stay in Vegas.

Maggie Omura has never been a gambling woman. As assistant manager of Dirty, the...


Dirty Like Brody

Dirty Series #2

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON 

Audiobook: Coming in October!

"red hot chemistry"
— Badass Bloggettes

He was all she ever wanted. Then she broke his heart…

As longtime manager of Dirty, the hottest rock band on the planet, gorgeous and brooding Brody Mason has had his share of beautiful...


A Dirty Wedding Night

Dirty Series #2.5

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Coming in December!

"when Jaine Diamond promises 4 couples . . . 4 dirty stories,
damn does she deliver"

— Bookgasms

It wouldn’t be a rock star wedding without a whole lot of sex…

It’s been one hell of a night at...


Dirty Like Seth

Dirty Series #3

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Coming to Audible/Amazon/iTunes October 21!  USA  UK  CAN  AUS

"this Dirty series just keeps getting better and better!"
— Bookgasms

They all thought they knew him… but she knew his heart. 

Seth Brothers...


Dirty Like Dylan

Dirty Series #4

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Coming in October!

"pure captivating hotness!"
— Hines and Bigham's Literary Tryst

One woman.
Two rock stars.
A threesome that will change everything…

Photographer Amber Malone sucks at love. She’s been dumped, duped and dated more a-holes than any girl...


Dirty Like Jude

Dirty Series #5

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Coming in November!

"full of passion, hate, love, angst, and everything in between"
— Two Book Pushers

He was her first true love…
And the worst mistake she ever made.

There’s always been a spark between Jude Grayson and Roni...


Dirty Like Zane

Dirty Series #6

Ebook & Paperback: Buy now on AMAZON

Audiobook: Buy now on Audible/Amazon/iTunes  USA  UK  CAN  AUS

“so fucking worth the wait…
the perfect ending to their story”
— Two Book Pushers

Zane and Maggie have been living a lie…

A marriage that’s not really a...



DEEP Series #1

Buy now at

Finalist in the 2016 Passionate Plume Contest
"RWA’s HOTTEST Romance Contest!"

"fast paced, DARK, DEEP, sexy, sexually frustrating and funny!"
— Once Upon an Alpha


The more lines they cross, the deeper they get…

Top cadet Lana Marsden lives by the rules. The...



DEEP Series #2

Buy now at

"... you will swoon. ... And you will fall in deep."
— Two Book Pushers

This time… Catch wants it all.

For months, Sergeant “Catch” Durant has scraped out an existence without her. Cadet Lana Marsden. The girl of his kink-fueled dreams. Sweet. Submissive. And utterly...



Author Jaine Diamond

Jaine Diamond is a contemporary romance author, fond of writing the love stories of built and badass men endowed with massive hearts, and strong, complex women she'd love to have a cocktail with.

She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their daughter, where she reads, writes, and drinks copious amounts of tea.