Answers to the burning questions readers ask me most often...

How can I find out when your next book is coming out?

Stay in the loop by signing up for the Diamond Club newsletter, it's packed with behind the scenes goodness and you’ll also get access to all free bonus content when you subscribe! (I release new bonus content a few times a year.) I always announce release dates in the newsletter (first!), and on the website and social media.

What are you working on right now? What will be released next?

I'm currently working on various spinoff books in the "Dirtyverse," the fictional world first introduced in the Dirty series.
Upcoming releases will appear in the newsletter and on the website once announced.

Do I need to read your books in order?

No, but I highly recommend it as many of them are interconnected. The suggested reading order of my books can be found here.

Where can I get your books?

Ebook - All books are available in ebook on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Paperback - All books are available in paperback on Amazon (all available regions).

Hardcover - All books (except the DEEP duet) are available in hardcover on Amazon (all available regions).

Audiobook - All books (except Flames and Flowers and the DEEP duet) are available in audiobook from Audible, Amazon and Apple. Dirty Like Us is also available on Spotify. (New releases come out in audiobook usually 1-6 weeks following the book's release.) Some audiobooks release via my website first at a discounted rate, before going up on Audible. You can usually find an audiobook deal on my Shop page.

I just read Dirty Like Me - will there be more of Jesse and Katie?

Yes! You can get their bonus epilogue here. Their wedding is featured in Dirty Like Brody. You can also read Jesse and Katie's wedding night story, "A Dirty Vow," in A Dirty Wedding Night. Jesse and Katie make appearances in all the other Dirty books, and will continue to appear in spinoffs.

Will [insert name of favorite character] get a book?

I don't generally talk about future books because they haven't been written yet, and therefore anything is subject to change (or has not been fully decided yet)... and because I'm allergic to even the slightest of spoilers! Seriously, they make me itch, lol. As for who will be getting a book of their own, it's top secret until I officially announce a new book is coming out! But rest assured, many of your favorite (side) characters are my favorites, too, and they will be getting books of their own.

Will there be more books in the DEEP series?

At present, I have no concrete plans to write more books in the DEEP world. But I never say never. I ADORE this series and the characters within!

I have signed up to the Diamond Club newsletter but didn't receive my welcome email with the bonus content. What do I do?

Unfortunately this sometimes happens when my newsletter delivery system and your email service provider don't want to play nice together. Please email contact(at)jainediamond(dot)com with the email address you signed up with to let us know, so my team can look into it for you and make sure you get your bonuses!

I had issues trying to download the free bonus content. Can I get help? 

Yes! Please click the Help link on the book download page (the Bookfunnel page), and the Bookfunnel staff will be happy to help you - they are the tech superstars and will make sure you get your book.

I don’t have a Kindle; how can I read your books?

Easy! You can get the FREE Kindle app for any smartphone, tablet or computer and read my Kindle ebooks there! (This is what I did before I had a Kindle, and still do on my iPhone too; I love reading on my phone while I'm on the go. Bonus: you get to enjoy the cover art on your books in full color on the app.)

You can also get my books in paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

Do you offer signed paperbacks for purchase?

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer signed paperbacks for purchase online at this time. I do attend select in-person book signing events around the world, where I will happily sign your books; you can find the upcoming events I'm attending on the Events page.

How can I join your ARC Team?

I usually open up the ARC Team to new applicants with each book release. Keep an eye on the Diamond Club newsletter for open signups, usually a month or two in advance of each release.

How can I find out the name of the model on the cover of [insert name of book]?

I usually post the names of the cover models on my Instagram and in Jaine Diamond's VIPs at the time of release (you can try searching in the group). You're also welcome to ask this question in the group and I guarantee you'll get your answer; group members are keen to share this kind of information!

I am a new/aspiring author. Can you give me any tips on how to publish/market/sell my books, etc.?

Awesome! Welcome to the wonderful world of writing and publishing. All the advice I have to give on this can be found here.