General FAQ

 (Scroll down for series specific FAQ: DIRTY SERIES FAQ, PLAYERS SERIES FAQ, and DEEP SERIES FAQ.)

◈ How can I find out when your new books are coming out?

The very best way to stay in the loop is to join my Diamond Club newsletter (you’ll get my rockstar romance novella Dirty Like Us FREE in both ebook AND audiobook when you subscribe): http://ebook.jainediamond.com/getdirty/ New releases will also be added to my website and announced on social media.

***** I will keep you posted on any news about my next book (it will be on my website, in my newsletter, and posted all over social media), so please don’t ask me when it will be out. As many authors say, “If I answered that question every time I was asked, I wouldn’t have any time left to write the book“ - it’s true. Thank you!! And much gratitude. *****

◈ What are you working on right now?

Currently I'm working on the Players rockstar romance series--a spin-off from the Dirty series, featuring Ashley Player and his new band!

◈ What book(s) will be out next?

Lovely Madness (Players #4) is now available; it was released December 1, 2020.

More news coming soon!

◈ Do I need to read your books in order?

Information on the reading order of my books can be found here.

◈ What is the best way to contact you?

Generally, email or Facebook. Here's where to find me online:


The private readers' group Jaine Diamond's VIPs on Facebook is the best place to find me online; I post here more than anywhere else. Come chat with other readers, get regular updates from me, and exclusive giveaways! If you'd like more in-depth conversation about my books including spoiler content, you can also join Jaine Diamond's Spoiler Room Facebook group.

This is where I post all book-related news and major updates.

I post both book-related and personal stuff here. (If you look like a real person who's interested in my books and not a spam bot, I will happily accept your friend request.)

You'll find book stuff, my favorite things and my life in pictures here.

You can have Amazon automagically notify you, by email, as soon as I publish a new book—simply click the +Follow button under my author photo.

You'll want to follow me here if you're into mancandy, rockstars and writing quotes. I also post all my book covers and teasers here.

If you +Follow me on BookBub, you'll not only get alerts about my new releases, but you'll also show BookBub that readers like you are interested in my books—and may help me get a coveted featured deal—which, of course, makes you extra awesome!!

I occasionally tweet book news and random stuff.

◈ Are your books available in paperback?

All my books are available in paperback from Amazon. The paperback version of each book will usually be published on release day.

◈ Are your books available as audiobooks?

YES! (With the exception of the DEEP duet.) You'll find all my audiobooks on Audible, Amazon and Apple. The audiobook version of each book will now usually be published on release day.

◈ Will your books ever be available on iBooks? Or Nook? Or Kobo?

Possibly. DEEP was formerly available on all of the above, but is now available only on Amazon. Currently my books are exclusive to Amazon. If there are ever any concrete plans to make any of my ebooks available for sale outside of Amazon, I will update this info.

I don’t have a Kindle; how can I read your books?

You can get the free Kindle app for any smartphone, tablet or computer and read my Kindle ebooks there. You can also get my books in paperback from Amazon, and in audiobook from Audible, Amazon and Apple.

◈ Do you offer signed paperbacks for purchase?

Not at this time, unfortunately. If I am able to offer signed paperbacks in the future, I will update this info.

◈ How can I join your ARC Team?

I usually open up the ARC Team to new applicants with each book release. You can find all the info on how to apply here.

I am a new/aspiring author. Can you give me any tips on how to publish/market/sell my books, etc.?

Awesome! Welcome to the wonderful world of writing and publishing. All the advice I have to give on this can be found here.

Dirty Series FAQ

◈ When will the next Dirty book be out?

The final book in the Dirty series, Dirty Like Zane (Dirty #6), came out December 13, 2018.

The Dirty series is now complete; there are a total of 8 books in the series. See them all HERE.

If you'd like to continue reading about the Dirty world and its characters, the story continues in the Players rockstar romance series.

◈ I just read Dirty Like Me; will there be more of Jesse and Katie?

Yes. Their wedding is featured in Dirty Like Brody. Jesse and Katie are also featured in a story in A Dirty Wedding Night (Dirty #2.5). They make appearances in all the other Dirty books, and also appear in the spin-off Players series.

◈ I have signed up to the Diamond Club newsletter but didn't receive my free gift of Dirty Like Us. What do I do?

This sometimes happens for various technical reasons, basically boiling down to my newsletter delivery system and your email service provider not wanting to play nice together. Please email me at contact@jainediamond.com with the email address you signed up with, so I can look into it for you and make sure you get the links to your free ebook and audiobook.

Players Series FAQ

◈ When will the next Players book be out?

Lovely Madness (Players #4) is now available; it was released December 1, 2020.

More news coming soon!

◈ When will the Sweet Temptation audiobook be out?

The Sweet Temptation audiobook is now available!

When will [insert name of favorite character]'s book be released?

I will announce release dates on my website, in my newsletter, and on social media, when I know them.

How many books will there be in the Players series? Will [insert name of favorite character] get a book? Will there be more about Ashley? Etc.

I don't generally talk about future books because they haven't been written yet, and therefore anything is subject to change (or has not been fully decided yet)... and because I am devoutly anti-spoiler. There will probably be about 5 Players series books. As for who will be getting a book of their own, it's undecided until I officially announce a new book is coming out (you can sign up to my Diamond Club newsletter to stay in the loop). All of your favorite characters will continue to make appearances in some manner throughout the Players series.


◈ When will the next DEEP book be out?

DEEPER (DEEP #2) is out now! You can get it here.

◈ Will First/Adam and Scarlet or Hilt or any other DEEP characters be getting their own book?

At present, I have no concrete plans to write books for any of the other characters in the DEEP world. But I never say never. I LOVE this series and the characters within. If I ever plan to write more DEEP books, I will update this info.