Filthy Beautiful


Players Series #2

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"full of sexual tension, angst, banter and all the feels”
Two Book Pushers

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It’s forbidden... but that just makes it hotter.

Courteney Clarke is the kind of girl who rock stars like me write songs about.

She’s beautiful, but she's totally off-limits.
Because she’s my best friend’s little sister.

Now she tells me she’s a virgin—and she wants me to be her first.
But she’s just f*cking with me. I know she is.
She just hates me that much.

She knows her brother would freak if I touched her.

And if she plans to keep putting it in my face so I’ll give in… we’re both in a world of trouble.
This is cold war, but I’m not giving in.
Problem is, neither is she.

I know I need to do the right thing here…
But the wrong thing might just be way too filthy to resist.


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