Dirty Like Zane


Dirty Series #6

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Zane and Maggie have been living a lie…

A marriage that’s not really a marriage.
A relationship that’s about as fucked-up as they come.
A secret that’s going to kill them both if they don’t sort their shit out, stat.

And now they’re going on tour with Dirty. As the band’s assistant manager, Maggie knows she has to keep it professional—and keep away from her “husband” on the road.

Zane Traynor, Dirty’s hot-as-hell lead singer.
Womanizing rock star.
A man hellbent on getting Maggie back in his bed.

The one man Maggie knows she can never let herself fall for.
Except that she already has…
And when Zane finds out her feelings for him are real? It’s gonna get dirty.


The Dirty Like Zane Playlist!

As usual, some of the songs on the Dirty Like Zane playlist are mentioned in the book; others are songs that captured the feel of a certain scene or that I listened to while writing the book.

Like the music in all the Dirty series books, this playlist features a lot of rock—from classic rock to hard rock and everything in-between—but it also includes other genres that I, and the characters in the book, enjoy as well.

Sample the songs in the widget... or listen to the full songs on Spotify here: Dirty Like Zane on Spotify