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DEEP Series #1

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"fast paced, DARK, DEEP, sexy, sexually frustrating and funny!"
Once Upon an Alpha

Finalist in the 2016 Passionate Plume Contest
"RWA’s HOTTEST Romance Contest!"



The more lines they cross, the deeper they get…

Top cadet Lana Marsden lives by the rules. The most important rule of all: no messing around with an officer. She learned that one the hard way.

Now her only desire is to survive the grueling DEEP Training program and leave that scandalous past behind.

When she reports to Station Six amid wild rumors of erotic hazing rituals and sadomasochistic games, she’s not prepared for any of the rumors to be true—or for her insatiable attraction to Sergeant “Catch” Durant, her tattooed rebel of a trainer.

One touch from Catch, and Lana knows she’s in trouble. One night of white-hot ecstasy, and the rules melt away...

A cadet with a secret.
An officer with a secret kink.
A whole lot of rules to be broken.


“Jaine Diamond shines bright like a diamond. ... I have very few on my top 10 list and this book is going on that list. ... a MUST read... ★★★★★" — After the Final Chapters

“A very different beginning of a book that quickly turned SCORCHING!!! ... This book definitely has the correct title!! It was fast paced, DARK, DEEP, sexy, sexually frustrating and funny! ★★★★★" — Once Upon an Alpha

This book was a treat. … It is one of those books which proves that you can have an interesting romance mixed in with explicit sex, and also have a solid genre of any type supporting the story. I love books which dare to challenge the norm, and this book is one of those exceptions that I love. ★★★★★” — E-Read Erotica / Sylvia Storm

If you are looking for something hot and I mean HOT to read... you have to go check out this book. ... this is probably the most enjoyable piece of erotica I have ever read. ★★★★★" — The Writer's Inkwell