Irresistible Rogue

Series: Vancity Villains (book 4)

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Irresistible Rogue is an angsty and suspenseful enemies-with-benefits romance, featuring a mysterious alpha antihero, an inexperienced heroine on the verge of a steamy awakening, and a one night stand that ignites an all-consuming mutual obsession.

One night would never be enough...

I ducked into a bar on a stormy night and met a smoldering, enigmatic stranger with the body of an athlete and eyes like a wolf on the prowl.
He was gorgeous, he said all the right things, and he gave me the hottest night of my life.
And a fake name.

The next day, I died of humiliation when I found out who he really was.

Shane Madrigal.
Underground fighter. Mercurial, mysterious bachelor.
And now, my arch enemy.
Because my mom just got engaged to his dad.
And he seduced me just to screw with me.

The next time I see him, his wolfish gaze is dripping with animosity.
I’ll have to endure him at all the formal events leading up to the wedding.
Mom even wants him to walk me down the aisle.
And I won’t let our secret war ruin the wedding of Mom’s dreams.

I’m ready to call a truce in desperation.
But when my enemy flirts with me, I’m confused.
I know he’s just messing with my head. Because he hates me, right?

I thought he did.
But the way he’s looking at me now is telling a different story.
And it’s making me question everything that’s ever happened between us… starting with that night in the storm.