Dirty Like Jude



Series: Dirty #5

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Dirty Like Jude is a second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance, featuring a badass, strong-and-silent hero, and the wild-hearted heroine who brings him to his knees.

He was the one that got away.
She was the one he never got over.

There’s always been a spark between Jude Grayson and Roni “Wild Card” Webber.
Unfortunately, whenever it ignites… it explodes.

And they both get burned.

As head of security for Dirty—his best friend’s rock band—and a member of the West Coast Kings motorcycle club, Jude had a choice to make, long ago.
Loyalty or love.
Brotherhood or her.

But now the woman he left behind is suddenly everywhere he turns.

Problem is, Roni’s still got a wild side—and another biker for a boyfriend.
And Jude’s got a fire for her that just won’t die.

Jude and Roni are about to play a dangerous game.
A game they’ve never known how to win,
and their hearts can’t afford to lose.