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Series: DEEP #2

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DEEPER is a kinky, forbidden older-brother’s-best friend romance, featuring a violated Code of Conduct, erotic drugs, a secret tattoo, a hot alpha in love, and the girl who got away… but came back for more.

This time… Catch wants it all.

For months, Sergeant “Catch” Durant has scraped out an existence without her. Cadet Lana Marsden. The girl of his kink-fueled dreams. Sweet. Submissive. And utterly in control.

The girl who used the safeword and walked away from him.

For months, Lana’s tried to carry on with her duty—her mission into the deep. She’s tried to let Catch go… but failed.

When a state of emergency forces their paths to collide, there’s only so long Lana can resist the man who brought her to her knees. Only so long Catch can hold himself back from all he really wants.

There’s nowhere left to go but all the way.