A Dirty Wedding Night



Series: Dirty #2.5

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A Dirty Wedding Night is a flaming-hot, four-story collection about what happens when a bunch of dirty-minded party guests are stranded overnight at a remote, glamorous wedding... and the clothes start coming off.

What would a wedding night be without sex… and lots of it?

Rock star Jesse Mayes just married his dream girl, Katie Bloom, at an epically romantic wedding.
Love and lust are in the air, and the newlyweds aren’t the only ones in the mood…

A Dirty Vow
When the groom carries his bride off to their luxury honeymoon cabin to celebrate in naked privacy, their dirtiest—and most swoon-worthy—vows to each other really begin.

A Dirty Secret
A freezing, midnight skinny dip leads to a steamy, lustful shower, a flower defiled by foreplay, and a secret marriage on the verge of being discovered.

A Dirty Lie
A mysterious alpha reconnects with a former-lover-turned-enemy over a bottle of tequila, torrid memories, and a flaming, revengeful reunion by firelight.

A Dirty Deal
A mischievous bad boy proposes an irresistible friends-with-benefits solution to a naked, heartbroken friend. What could go wrong?