Dirty Like Me

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Dirty Series #1

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"a spicy, sassy, sexy romance"
— Publishers Weekly

A gorgeous rock star.
An indecent proposal.
How can a girl resist?

Struggling barista Katie Bloom doesnt even know who Jesse Mayes is until she inadvertently wins the coveted role of sex kitten in his hot new music video. But by the time she’s in bed with him, she knows his reputation.

Love maker. Heartbreaker.

Making out with a stranger in front of a camera crew isnt how Katie imagined herself getting over a broken heart, but when Jesse touches her, sparks fly. The sex is fake but the chemistry is real, and soon the steamy video is blazing up the charts.

Then Jesse makes Katie an irresistible offer: act as his girlfriend for six weeks while he promotes his new album. The only catch? Their sizzling make-out sessions will be for the cameras only.

Which is fine with Katie, since she's not about to trust her heart to rock's most legendary lover. Her body? Maybe…


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"... Diamond (DEEP) crafts a spicy, sassy, sexy romance with likable characters who share intense chemistry, and populates it with a memorable, entertaining supporting cast." — Publishers Weekly

A Dear Author Recommended Read. "It hooked me from the very first chapter ... a charming, entertaining, sexy and fun read. I’m definitely on board for the next book." — Dear Author

"Dirty Like Me blends humor and horniness into one hell of a wild ride. I absolutely could not put this book down and I cannot wait to see what’s next in the Dirty series. ★★★★★" — Hines & Bigham's Literary Tryst

"... man oh man, Jaine Diamond. You get mad props for this one. ... It's so fun, so hopeful, so fresh." — The Rock of Pages

"This is a first rate rock romance that gives you everything you would want; super-hot rocker who does not do girlfriends, a 'normal' girl with a chance of a lifetime, a connection between these two that everyone around them sees, and sexual chemistry that is off the charts. ...this one hit for me and I am an avid rock romance fan. ★★★★★" — The Book Enthusiast

"Be prepared for a bad boy who will turn your life inside out! ★★★★★" — iScream Books

"Jaine Diamond is new to me and I believe she will be taking the romance world by storm. Her writing gives you all the feels and pulls you in. I read books daily and its so great when you find an author that can grab your attention and hold it. ★★★★★" — Jo & Isa Love Books