Scroll down for series-specific FAQs: DIRTY SERIES FAQS and DEEP SERIES FAQS! *** GENERAL FAQS 🔹How can I find out when your new books are coming out? I will always announce new releases to my Diamond Club mailing list first, so the very best way to stay in the loop is to join the list (you’ll[…]

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Dirty FAQs!

Dirty Like Brody, book #2 in the Dirty rockstar romance series, released two weeks ago (YAY!!!). Which means I’m VERY happy. I LOVE this story and the characters within. I love troubled and flawed Jessa and broody and frustrated Brody. I love their undeniable, lifelong love, and their struggles, which didn’t arise overnight… and aren’t[…]


Rock Star Love

DIRTY… SEXY… ROCK STARS!!! The Dirty series will be available in November 2016! … Beginning with the prequel novella, Dirty Like Us (Dirty #0.5), available exclusively to Diamond Club members (you can sign up here and you’ll get your FREE copy!), and the first full-length novel, Dirty Like Me (Dirty #1). So why rockstar romance?[…]


Of Space Pilots & Sex Clubs

If you’ve started reading my debut erotic romance novel DEEP or have already devoured it, you may be wondering the same thing many readers ask me about how I came up with this very different love story. So here it is. The truth is that a sexy story set in space has probably been percolating somewhere[…]

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A Debut Novel Is Born…

Wow. What an amazing experience the last two years have been. A new home, a new baby, and the birth of a new career. Writing has been a lifelong dream/passion/love affair of mine. A couple of years ago I got serious about it and decided I was going to actually do the thing I have[…]