Ashley’s book is here!


Ash’s book is here, in ebook and paperback, and free in Kindle Unlimited…

“THIS IS A MUST READ… OMG!!! this book is a panty dropper. ★★★★★” — Sonya

“All in all, I cannot give this book enough stars. It is ABSOLUTELY 5 outta 5 stars. ★★★★★” — Ga Books LoverX

“It does not get better than this. I swear I highlighted half the book, because it was giving me all the feels! ★★★★★” — Kelly

“Ms. Diamond once again has hit it out of the ballpark and graced us with a HOT #1 read. ★★★★★” — Lori

The Hot Mess blurb

Fate. Destiny. Karma… She’s mine.

It all started with a broken heart.
And a breakup party.
Rock stars. Circus freaks. And a bachelorette party.
Too. Much. Booze.
An embarrassing tattoo.
And a twist of fate.

Her name was Danny.

I thought she was The One.
But then I lost her.
And I never thought I’d see her again.
Now… I’m a mess.
I’ve had my heart broken—more than once.
And my band’s broken up.
I’ve sworn to myself that I’ll never fall in love again.
Time to focus on new music and my new band.

As soon as I sober up from my latest breakup party…

But then there she is.
Standing in the rain, looking at me.
My dream girl.
My destiny…
I missed my chance with her once.
Maybe this time… I’ll get it right.

I hope you enjoy every word of Hot Mess, as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was pure pleasure to write this beautiful beast of a book and the love story within!