You’re Invited to A Dirty Wedding Night!

Jaine Diamond

A Dirty Wedding Night (Dirty #2.5) is now live on Amazon!

This essential Dirty collection has a little bit of everything… HEA goodness for the happy newlyweds, a whole lotta drama with that other (secretly) married couple, a steamy romp (with one of my very favorite characters!) that stirs up some unexpected second-chance longings, and a sexy (but risky) friends-with-benefits hookup!

It wouldn’t be a rock star wedding without a whole lot of s*x…

It’s been one hell of a night at Cathedral Cove Resort. Love and lust are in the air, and rock star Jesse Mayes is just about to drag his bride, Katie, back to their luxurious cabin to celebrate in private.

But the newlyweds aren’t the only ones in the mood…

After all, sexy “wild card” Roni just disappeared into the dark with two hot, naked rock stars.

And Dirty’s lead singer, Zane, just took off—also naked—into the woods, with the band’s assistant manager, Maggie.

And what ever happened to that tall, dark and mysterious best man, Jude?

And where the heck is the groom’s poor ex-girlfriend and bandmate, Elle?

In this steamy must-read story collection, find out what happens (not always what you’d think!) when your favorite Dirty characters vanish into the night after the rock star wedding event of the year.

Included in A Dirty Wedding Night:
A Dirty Vow
A Dirty Secret
A Dirty Lie
A Dirty Deal

I had so much fun writing this collection. Each story sows seeds for future Dirty storylines and books, so you really don’t want to miss it!

Here’s one of my favorite moments (of many) from this book:

He leaned in, and as his mouth met mine, it was foreign and so familiar… like being kissed by a stranger and someone you knew like the palm of your own hand—someone you’d kissed a thousand times in your dreams, or on the edge of sleep, half-conscious as your hands roamed over your own body… as you got yourself off to the half-remembered smell of him, the slippery fullness of his lips, the slight roughness of his stubble, the soft scrape of his teeth against your skin.

💗 Jaine