Second Chance Love

Jaine Diamond

Dirty Like Brody, book #2 in the Dirty rockstar romance series, released two weeks ago (YAY!!!). Which means I’m VERY happy.


I LOVE this story and the characters within. I love troubled and flawed Jessa and broody and frustrated Brody. I love their undeniable, lifelong love, and their struggles, which didn’t arise overnight… and aren’t resolved that way, either.


I loved being immersed in their world, the Dirty world, once again. I loved attending Jesse and Katie’s wedding. I loved cueing up the next book in the series in this one… there is so much more story left to tell about this band and its members.

I’m so glad this book is out in the world, where it belongs.

Dirty Like Brody - Teaser - 3

Thanks to my amazing readers, Brody and Jessa are doing well. Which means… well, onward and upward.

There’s such a mad build toward a book release. But pretty much the moment it goes live, the truth is, I’m onto the next book!

The most common line of questioning I get from my friends when I put out a new book goes something like this: “WOW! Another one… are you glad it’s done? And does that mean you’ll take a break now? Or start right into the next one?”

And my answer goes something like this: “Oh, yeah. I’m already started on the next one.”

Which is when their eyes get big and they say, “Another one already?”

And I say, “The plan is to have at least three books out this year. Possibly more next year.”

At which point their jaws drop.

For my friends who don’t write, or read romance, or know a thing about indie publishing, it all sounds a little staggering.

But from my point of view…. I wish I could write more!

My readers are constantly asking me when I’ll have more books out. In fact, the #1 question I get from readers is, “When will the next book be out?”

Since I tend not to write blog posts much (or do much of anything that will take me away from my primary focuses of writing and caring for my toddler), I thought this would be a good time to write a post to answer the current FAQs coming my way from readers, re. the Dirty series. So here they are!

Q: When will the next Dirty book be out?
A: I don’t have a release date yet. It will likely be at the end of the year. Basically, as soon as I can get it out!

Q: What are you working on right now?
A: Right now, I’m working on the next book in the DEEP erotic military romance series, which I’ll be writing over the summer. As soon as it’s out, I’ll be diving right back into the Dirty series (and in truth, I’ll be dabbling in Dirty all along the way).

Q: Will Zane and Maggie’s story continue?
A: Yes! Absolutely. Zane and Maggie will be getting their own book later in the series.

Q: When will Zane and Maggie’s book be out? Will it be the next one?
A: I don’t have a release date for Zane and Maggie’s book yet. It will not be the next book. Hint: If you read Dirty Like Brody, that book clearly states at the very end what the next book in the series will be. (I won’t spoiler it here in case people reading this haven’t yet finished that book.)

Q: Will the other characters be getting books?
A: All the members of Dirty will be getting a book.

Q: Will there be more of Jesse and Katie?
A: If you haven’t read Dirty Like Brody yet, Jesse and Katie’s wedding is featured in that book. There is also a little surprise project I’m working on with Jesse and Katie, to be announced later this year. Jesse and Katie will also make appearances in all the future Dirty books.

Q: Will Elle, Jude, or Devi be getting their own book?
All the members of Dirty will be getting a book, including Elle. I won’t get specific about it yet, but you will definitely be seeing more of Jude. I adore Devi and would love to tell her story, but as of right now, there are no plans for her to have her own book.

That’s it for now…. back to writing!!

❤️ Jaine