A DEEP Excerpt

Jaine Diamond

From DEEP by Jaine Diamond

The following excerpt features cadet Lana Marsden in a state of mind-melting, body-quaking ecstasy, due in part to something she recently ingested, but even more so to the proximity of her scorching hot commanding officer, Sergeant “Catch” Durant…

“I want you to touch me.”

Lana’s blood rushes through her body. Her thoughts rush. She swallows, trying to hold everything back. Trying to hold herself together, not come shuddering apart. Trying not to melt down right in front of him.

He stares at her, the heat pouring off his body, warming her. “Ask me.”

It takes her a moment to process the request. Then she whispers, “Please, touch me.”

Catch’s warm hands skim up her sides, fingertips drifting over the patches of skin bared by the dress. She moans, hearing her voice like it’s not her own.

“Like this?”

Her eyes keep rolling closed. “God.” She puts her hands on his arms to steady herself. Feels the vibration where he touches her, until she’s melting into his hands, until she wavers on her feet.

“May I… may I sit down?”

“No, Lana. You’re going to stand right here, and I’m going to watch you.”

His gaze melts down her face, her throat. His hand traps her left breast like he’s holding her heart; she feels it pumping in his grip. His other hand delves beneath the hem of the dress. He strokes her through her panties, lifting her, weightless, on a wave of pleasure.

She shudders and closes her eyes, and pushes herself into him. Her fingers dig into his arms. It’s all too much. It’s not enough. Catch is stroking her through her panties. She’s in his hands and she’s melting, completely melting, and she’s still kind of floating, she doesn’t know where she is. Can’t locate herself in any of this.

She opens her eyes and all at once she becomes hyperaware that they’re just a speck floating out in the universe and nothing matters, nothing but this, this moment here with him, this tight little space pressed together, his fingers stroking her through a thin bit of cotton, and she’s here, she’s right here pressed against him, his touch sending waves of pleasure through her, her ecstasy climbing toward some distant peak. Catch.

This perfect thing.

This forbidden thing…

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♡ Jaine