A Debut Novel Is Born…

Wow. What an amazing experience the last two years have been.

A new home, a new baby, and the birth of a new career.

Writing has been a lifelong dream/passion/love affair of mine. A couple of years ago I got serious about it and decided I was going to actually do the thing I have always dreamed of doing: write books and publish them.

Since then, I’ve been working to make this dream-turned-goal a reality.

I’ve been writing on and off since I was ten years old, when I was given a poetry writing assignment at school and realized, for the first time, that writing isn’t just in books–that it’s something I could do. I spent my teenage years feverishly writing epic stories I never finished, and over the years have written parts of other books. But since I committed to finishing and publishing my work, I started fresh, writing and completing my first erotic romance novel, DEEP, which comes out December 2, 2015.

I wrote the first draft of DEEP in 3 months while working full-time at another job. I then did two rounds of editing to get the book to what I felt was an acceptable state in order to share it with others, and at that point had two trusted people–my best friend and critique partner extraordinaire, and my partner–read it and provide me with feedback. My first beta readers–how exciting! I gathered their notes along with my own and got to work on another edit.

It was three more rounds of editing, a move into a new home here in Vancouver, and the birth of my baby girl (along with the requisite crash course in becoming a new parent) before I felt the book was ready to go out to a final round of beta readers. My BFF read it again, and I had several other lovely ladies give it a read and provide me with their thoughts, before I tackled the final edit.

The experience working with beta readers was, for me, nothing short of amazing. Discussing the book with them and poring over their notes was enlightening, thought-provoking, thrilling and sometimes hilarious–in the end, their thoughtful feedback helped me make DEEP a better book.

In the final edit I made a few substantial changes, namely dropping in more tantalizing tidbits about Lana’s secret, scandalous past, and adding more details–much requested by my readers–about Catch’s former relationship with the mysterious Docker… all clues for what’s to come in future books!

I then did a final proofread on the book; this was done with a printed copy of the book, which I find a really helpful way to approach the book with fresh eyes. In this final read-through–my last chance to make any desired changes–I ended up also making a few more edits, improving the book further by removing a few scenes that I now felt weren’t moving the story forward… so that what I was left with is exactly the story I wanted to tell.

That was my process, and I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me out in reading the book before it was finished.

Writing is a rather solitary endeavor and being one’s own publisher is a daunting (and exciting!) undertaking… and it’s thrilling to finally reach my goal: publishing my first book!

I have a lot more planned for 2016 and beyond, including more of the DEEP Series… as well as a new rockstar romance series to be launched soon!

Information on my new projects and upcoming releases will be announced on my website and social media… and if you want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for my Diamond Club newsletter to be among the first to know what’s coming up.

Thank you for checking out my work and taking a chance on a new author!

Can’t wait to share more…

♡ Jaine